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Call Dyer Grimes Architecture on today to get started on your project


Call Dyer Grimes Architecture today to get started on your project


Your dream home is a reflection of your style and sensibilities. Turning your vision of it into a reality is an incredibly personal journey. That’s why it is essential to get an architect on board who will truly listen to your aspirations and needs, satisfying both with creative yet practical designs.

There really is only one man to turn to for such a bespoke service in London, award-winning architect John Dyer Grimes.

Why choose John?

  • Because all of John’s experience, enthusiasm and expertise is focused on domestic architecture. No corporate builds, no office blocks, just an overarching passion for creating incredible homes.
  • Because in his 20 years of experience he has successfully completed over 200 projects, including award-winning developments and celebrity homes.
  • Because John employs a truly collaborative approach with each and every one of his clients, so you can rest-assured that your dream home will speak to your personal tastes.
  • Because there is no challenge John can’t handle with finesse, from unexpected design changes to complex planning permissions; his 99% approval rate for planning permissions speaks for itself.

If you are raring to get started on your dream home project, call Dyer Grimes Architecture today on to discuss your project.

You’ll soon find that John’s skills as an architect are only matched by his personable approach and ability to get to the heart of what you really need from your dream home.

Just take a look at a few of the dream home stories from John’s past clients:


20 Years in Business


Over 200 Projects


The Highest Standards

Call Dyer Grimes Architecture today to get started on your project



Discover The Three Step Plan That We Call. . .


Call Dyer Grimes Architecture today to get started on your project



:: Concept

So you’ve had this brilliant idea which you’ve gone over and over in your head until it aches. But will it work and what’s it going to cost? Rather than plunging headlong into the more costly stages of getting detailed plans drawn up, why not get your idea road tested by our team of architectural designers here in London?


:: Plan

To take your idea to the critical planning phase, we develop more detailed design concepts and scale plans, together with full design and build budget estimates. Our team of in-house experts in our offices in London are able to provide clients with an accurate 3D ‘walk through’ of their new home to help them make those last-minute, but crucial, design decisions.


:: Build

Once a project has the go ahead of planners and clients we will provide detailed technical plans which meet all legal obligations and allow for accurate construction costs to be submitted. We will obtain fixed prices from selected contractors and organise contracts on behalf of clients.

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