How DGA Rescued Jasmine’s Wimbledon Village Home from Planning Hell

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jasmine had the tremendous fortune of buying one of Wimbledon Village’s most beautiful homes: a Victorian villa which is locally listed as a Building of Townscape Merit – a level of planning protection that proved to be too complex for her first architect.

“I started out in Wimbledon Village with [another architect]. We put in our pre-app and, along the way, I decided that I needed someone different. I asked someone at Saville’s who had valued the property for me if they could recommend a few architects and DGA were one of them.”

Jasmine’s decision to change architect came after six months of planning struggles. She was starting to wonder if her plans wouldn’t be compatible with the property but, luckily, we managed to put the project back on track.

“I sent my pre-app drawing to John ahead of my meeting with him and I never went on to meet any other firm, as I was confident that John had an eye for what I liked, he fully understood my brief and I felt totally confident in my instruction. I invited him to come to my home so he could see and understand how I liked to live.”

John had an eye for what I liked, he fully understood my brief and I felt totally confident in my instruction.

Our experience working with nationally and locally listed buildings allowed us to quickly identify areas where we could alter the property to achieve Jasmine’s vision with minimal compromise. As with most of our projects, her brief was for more space, more light and more convenience.

“John took a completely fresh approach to my pre-app drawings and I absolutely love what he has designed. The inside of the house has been radically transformed with his innovating thinking to give me exactly the way of living I was looking for, adding lots of daylight and a double height entrance.”

Despite our design making dramatic changes to the interior of the property, we received planning permission just five months after our initial meeting with Jasmine through trial run of our new Fast Track service.

This service is a collaboration between ourselves and the brilliant consultants at Planning Potential, which allow us to rapidly iterate our designs to planning policy and risk to achieve planning permission in around half the usual time.

“John has an excellent team at his offices who turn ideas and drawings around at the speed of light. Refreshing!”

Of course, designing a home is only half the battle. For the project to a success and to be delivered in a timely manner, Jasmine would have to choose the right builders.

“Galower Build were one of the builders recommended by John. We also met two other builders I had suggested and looked at all three builders’ work. John was very supportive during this process and accompanied me to all the meetings. I decided to go with Galower Build having seen their work and met Kevin, the Director, who is accustomed to the size of the project.”

Demolition works being carried out to the garage to make way for a brand new side extension.

Once complete, Jasmine’s home will boast a basement floor that extends beneath the entire property, complete with a swimming pool. Such large scale, highly technical work can only be trusted to the very best contractors.

“To date, I have found Galower Build excellent. I am told they always complete their projects on time and I have full confidence that mine will be no exception. Kevin makes suggestions where he sees fit and I have taken on many of them.”

After having been the first to benefit from our Fast Track service, would Jasmine recommend DGA?

“From my experience, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending John wholeheartedly. He is an amazing architect.”

If you’re worried about your own dream home being lost to the planning process, click here to learn about the benefits of our Fast Track service.