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About Award Winning London Architect


John Dyer-Grimes is widely regarded as a leading authority on Private homes for individual clients. Over two decades John has shown hundreds of homeowners and homebuyers alike how to transform their period properties, design ultra contemporary sustainable new homes and radically push the boundaries of planning.
He shows celebrities, wealthy couples and visionary entrepreneurs how to maximise the space and fluidity of their new home through his visionary design that extends the full spectrum of period chic to ultra contemporary. Every year John helps a select number of private clients to achieve their dreams of creating beautifully designed and built family homes.
          He has been featured extensively in national and international magazines and on television with Sarah Beany.
John Dyer-Grimes is widely regarded as a leading authority on Private homes for individual clients and has been award “Best Family Home” by The London Evening Standard, The International Design & Architecture Awards and The Sunday Times.

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Discover The Three Step Plan That We Call. . .



:: Concept

So you’ve had this brilliant idea which you’ve gone over and over in your head until it aches. But will it work and what’s it going to cost? Rather than plunging headlong into the more costly stages of getting detailed plans drawn up, why not get your idea road tested by our team of architectural designers here in London?


:: Plan

To take your idea to the critical planning phase, we develop more detailed design concepts and scale plans, together with full design and build budget estimates. Our team of in-house experts in our offices in London are able to provide clients with an accurate 3D ‘walk through’ of their new home to help them make those last-minute, but crucial, design decisions.


:: Build

Once a project has the go ahead of planners and clients we will provide detailed technical plans which meet all legal obligations and allow for accurate construction costs to be submitted. We will obtain fixed prices from selected contractors and organise contracts on behalf of clients.

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