After we have delivered your dream home, our work is not complete. Many architectural practices treat practical completion as their moment to leave you to your own devices, but we believe that the 12 months following are crucial to giving you a home that you will love for many years.

Our Aftercare Service is designed to help you settle in to your new home with minimal hitches and maximum comfort. You will have a dedicated contact within our practice who will look after all aspects of your new home, whether a lightbulb won't turn on or a door hinge is stuck.

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    Soon after moving in, we provide training in the operation of key mechanical and electrical equipment in your home. This will demonstrate first hand how to use all of your fantastic new home technology and make the most of your home's features.

    You will also receive an Operations and Maintenance Manual from the contractor, which includes: certificates, key contact details, final construction drawings, warranty information, a health and safety file and other other documentation you may require.

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    A house, though solid, is not static. Heat, cold, moisture and vibrations can cause movement in the structure which may result in the development of small cracks or cause moving parts to stick. To help keep your home as perfect as possible, we ask that you record a log of any defects which develop.

    Towards the end of our Aftercare Service, we book an appointment with one of our architects to visit your home, go through your defects log and arrange for them to be remedied. Only then do we issue the Final Completion Certificate and conclude the contract between yourself and the contractor.

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    Our studio manager and your primary contractor will discuss property maintenance options for key elements within your home. This will maintain any warranties and ensure the smooth running of your house.

    You can also request continued property maintenance contracts following the completion of our Aftercare Service, which we will present for your consideration near to the issue of the Final Completion Certificate.