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Building a new home or enhancing an existing property can be an exciting yet daunting journey, whether you’re a serial renovator or taking the leap for the first time. Whatever your needs, we offer a comprehensive range of architectural and design services in London and the South East which can be employed ad hoc or in their entirety. To keep things simple, we have clustered the services we provide into three core offerings:

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    So you’ve had this brilliant idea which you’ve gone over and over in your head until it aches. But will it work and what’s it going to cost? Rather than plunging headlong into the more costly stages of getting detailed plans drawn up, why not get your idea road tested by our team of architectural designers here in London?

    Based on your ideas, we’ll sketch out some initial design concepts and tell you what’s involved to take it to the next stage and fulfil your dream.  This service is stage one of the journey and can be provided in isolation or as part of a full “clicks to bricks” service.

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    To take your idea to the critical planning phase, we develop more detailed design concepts and scale plans, together with full design and build budget estimates. Our team of in-house experts in our offices in London are able to provide clients with an accurate 3D ‘walk through’ of their new home to help them make those last-minute, but crucial, design decisions.

    Detailed planning application documents are developed, using our extensive experience and negotiating power with local councils to ensure the process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our 90 per cent success rate in client planning approvals across London and Surrey reflects our skill and determination in this field.

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    Once a project has the go ahead of planners and clients we will provide detailed technical plans which meet all legal obligations and allow for accurate construction costs to be submitted. We will obtain fixed prices from selected contractors and organise contracts on behalf of clients.

    Whilst some of our clients choose to manage the construction of works themselves, many have opted to use us to co-ordinate every aspect of the build, from managing builders and consultants, to monitoring the progress of building works through to successful delivery. We have a great track record in keeping projects on course and on budget with an unfaltering attention to quality and detail.