For many people, the thought of spending a year or more in design meetings and the planning process before work even starts on site is enough to put them off ever building their dream home. But what if you could do it all in half the time?

Our Fast Track Service does exactly that. Thanks to our high rate of planning success and our partnership with the experts at Planning Potential, we can prepare your project to begin work just days after you receive planning permission.

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    If you want to build a new house on an empty plot of land, the first priority should be outlining what designs are possible within the planning and practical constraints of the site, but you're just as likely to be thinking about the layout of shelves in your master bedroom and how you're going to store your shoes.

    While it's natural for your mind to wander, you need to make the right decisions at the right stages. Our Fast Track Service provides a template that we have refined over hundreds of projects, giving you a clear sequence to what decision you need to make and when to prevent delays and stop you from becoming overwhelmed.

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    Our high planning success rate doesn't just reassure potential clients but also the many specialists we need to work with to deliver your dream home. By giving them full confidence in the project's success, they are willing to be involved in the development before planning permission has been received.

    Instead of putting your project on hold for weeks while planning officers mull over your application, we're behind the scenes working on the technical designs and cost plans with a team of contractors, structural engineers, M&E consultants, quantity surveyors and more. As soon as permission is received, we can hit the ground running. 

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    It doesn't end at planning permission. Planners can apply numerous pre-commencement conditions before you can start work. For example, they may want to see samples of the bricks you're going to use or traffic flow calculations that demonstrate how we will prevent material deliveries from disrupting the school run.

    Instead of waiting for these pre-commencement conditions, we anticipate what additional information the planners will require and include all the necessary surveys and documentation in the planning application. By staying one step ahead, we can minimise or even entirely eliminate pre-commencement conditions, letting work start without delay.