An Inside Look at the Bespoke Joinery Which Transformed Maida Terrace

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Blakes London are a bespoke joinery company headed by creative Director Jamie Blake and Managing Director Jeremy Bott. They’re a rare example of a truly client-tailored service, led by custom detail and design over off-the-shelf parts.

They became our preferred joinery company after their astounding contributions to Maida Terrace, and we asked Jamie and Jeremy to explain some of the work that went into their elegant, space-saving designs.

DGA first introduced us to Jo, the client for Maida Terrace, after planning permission had been received and the process of drawing the final designs was underway.

We spent many hours discussing  her plans for the kitchen and taking her around our showroom. Initially, her inspiration was another kitchen of ours called Blenheim Crescent but, during our creative process, a style more personal to Jo emerged.

Blenheim Crescent was the initial inspiration for Jo’s kitchen, but after hours of refinement all that carried over to Maida Terrace was the marble kitchen island.

Where Blenheim Crescent’s kitchen had a grand, period aesthetic which maximised the tall ceilings of the space, the style we developed with Jo was more restrained and contemporary – though both share an impressive marble kitchen island with a feature sink and tap.

We also suggested moving all the units to the opposite side of the space, as we realised through our conversations with Jo that this layout would be more appropriate to how she planned to use the kitchen.

Not an inch was wasted in our design for the kitchen, utilising space under the stairs for extra storage in this already generous space.

In the first of many successful collaborations with DGA, they agreed to our proposal. This is why it’s ideal for us to join a project as early as possible; had construction works already begun, it may have been too late to carry out such a drastic change in the design.

These under-stair cabinets were designed specifically for this space. The precision required is far beyond what could be achieved with off-the-shelf parts.

Working alongside DGA also allowed us to consider how the design and materials would complement features such as the parquet floor, the spot lighting and the glass sliding doors.

But our work didn’t stop in the kitchen. We provided joinery throughout the house, filling voids with storage, shelves and furniture to maximise the utility of the house without it becoming overcrowded.

This unit – including a sofa, shelves, cabinets and drawers – is built flush into the wall to look like part of the original structure.

A completely custom wardrobe that put everything in its right place

The most complex design we produced was the master wardrobe and dressing room.

Compared to the fairly standard design visualisation process for the kitchen, the wardrobe was tailored around every single item of clothing and accessory owned by Jo and her husband, individually measured to ensure they have a dedicated space where they could comfortably fit.

This diagram shows the painstaking attention to detail required for a truly bespoke wardrobe. Every item owned by our clients was measured and accounted for.

As well as fitting around their clothes, the wardrobes had to be designed to sit naturally in an unusual space with two windows and three doors, while also squeezing in an integrated tea station complete with a mini fridge, brass tap and marble worktop matching those in the kitchen.

We finished off this one of a kind walk-in wardrobe with soft pink and grey suede doors (for Jo and her husband respectively) with brass handles, accents and rails.

We filled the nook in front of the window with a drawer topped with a cushioned seat, the perfect spot to sit down and put on shoes.

Working with Jo and DGA was an incredibly enjoyable creative process. After months of drawing, research and showroom visits we developed a completely unique design produced only for Maida Terrace and has never been repeated since.

To learn more about Blakes London, click here to read our blog on the limitations of high street kitchen designers and the benefits of bespoke joinery. If you would like to get in touch, you can call us at 020 3409 0661 or email [email protected].

Jamie Blake and Jeremy Bott