Best of 2018: Four Completed Dream Homes Now Being Enjoyed by Our Clients

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Transformation is the word that defines this year’s portfolio of completed projects, with the four homes below all demonstrating the reinvigorating power of a bold renovation.

If you’re looking for a dream home of your own, you might not need to look very far. Your current property could have more potential than you realise, waiting to be unlocked with our help.


Fulham House: End of Terrace House Expands to Become a Mansion Hidden in Plain Sight


Fulham basement extension, best homes of 2018

Fulham House straddles the line between renovation and new build, with the new rear extension and basement floor – each accommodating vast open plan spaces – more than doubling the floor space of the original house.

Uniting these two floors is a 20m square lightwell which doubles as a lower ground courtyard, complete with a green wall flanked by floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors on both levels.

From the street, however, everything seems much the same. The extension is no higher than the garden wall, so unless you kept an eye on the development (like the artist below did), you would have no idea the house received more than a fresh coat of paint.

Fulham renovation, best homes of 2018

Click here to read our interview with the client, or here for Philip’s photo tour.


Maida Terrace: Cramped Maida Vale Townhouse Transforms into Spacious Family Home


Maida Vale renovation, best homes of 2018

Maida Terrace is the perfect example why raw square footage can be a dreadful way of measuring the true value of a house. This terraced townhouse in Maida Vale had no shortage of space on paper but, in reality, an odd and overcrowded layout made it feel cramped and dark.

With only a minor extension permitted due to the strict Maida Vale Conservation Area, most of our gains were through knocking down walls to create openings for a more natural flow from one space to the next while allowing light to reach deeper into the house.

Despite an increase in floor area of under 150 square foot, the sensation of space would make you think it had more than doubled. Our clients can now enjoy a home that will grow with their family – even if, at the moment, they’re not quite sure what to do with all the newfound space.

Maida Vale extension, best homes of 2018

Click here to read our interview with the client.


Lawrence Street: Listed Townhouse Receives a Tasteful Renovation


Chelsea renovation, best homes of 2018

On the opposite end of the scale to Fulham House and with even stricter constraints than Maida Terrace, Lawrence Street was a very delicate renovation of a Grade II listed building in Chelsea.

In Lawrence Street – as in most listed buildings – knocking down walls and building extensions wasn’t an option, so we had to increase the sensation of light and space through tasteful interior design rather than structural architecture.

Luckily, we had plenty of opportunities to make improvements as the house had been subject to unsightly renovations in the past which the listed building officers were eager to see replaced with the clean, bright period aesthetic which we achieved.

Listed Chelsea townhouse, best homes of 2018

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Kew House: Breathing New Life into a Cherished Victorian Home


Kew renovation, best homes of 2018

Renovating a period house is always a delicate operation, even more so when it’s a home treasured by the client for over four decades. Would we be able to bring this Victorian house into the 21st century without sacrificing what makes it special?

The house certainly didn’t make it easy for us: hidden beneath paint and plaster was extensive damage to walls and ceilings, many of which needed to be repaired with labour-intensive Victorian era building techniques.

But all the hard work was worth it. With a complete renovation and interior design service, this beloved home feels and functions like a modern house while losing none of its unique period character.

Richmond renovation, best homes of 2018

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