Best of 2018: Four Interiors Which Added the Perfect Finishing Touch to Our Projects

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2018 was the year that our interior design service reached new heights, with most of our projects using us for both architectural and interior design – for spectacular results.

When interior design and architecture combine, we can refine the structure around the detail and vice versa to create a home where everything looks like it belongs.

Here are four interior design highlights from 2018.


Best Living Room and Bedroom: Cheltenham Terrace


Best interior design 2018 Chelsea living room

This listed Chelsea townhouse deserved an interior as grand as its location and history while steel feeling fresh. In the living room, period-appropriate materials of velvet and marble are reimagined with creative, modern designs which put a playful twist on the vintage aesthetic.

A custom wardrobe with antique mirrors fills the width of the master bedroom below, providing both function and warmth with its abstract, golden pattern which seems to explode and dance beneath the surface of the glass.

The silvering process used to manufacture these mirrors creates imperfections in the pattern that are unique to each panel, with a natural, aged feeling which has made them a favourite interior design feature in our projects.

Best interior design 2018 Chelsea bedroom


Best Social Space: St. John’s Wood Iceberg Mansion


Best interior design 2018 St John's Wood

Entertaining guests was a high priority for our art-collecting clients who commissioned this double basement new home in St. John’s Wood, resulting in spaces which required an interior design approach more akin to a gallery than a home.

Built-in interior features – such as the custom-built polished limestone fireplace above – had to be just as captivating as the constantly-rotating works of art that our clients display, which are lit with precision by adjustable gallery-style track lights.

With pocket doors that slide invisibly into the walls, the entire ground floor can be opened up into a single, uninterrupted space, allowing guests to flow effortlessly from one room to the next, whether they want to admire a sculpture or relax on a sofa.

Best interior design 2018 Westminster


Best Bathrooms: Lawrence Street


Best interior design 2018 Chelsea bathroom

As our clients for Lawrence Street would be renting out this listed Chelsea townhouse, their brief was for us to create an interior that was tasteful and timeless while still neutral enough for tenants to be able to feel at home.

Nowhere is this stripped-down period aesthetic more apparent than in the two bathrooms, where we limited our colour palette to black, white and brass – an example of constraints inspiring creativity.

Black grouting in the upstairs bathroom transforms plain wall tiles into a sharp geometric feature as bold as the abstract black and white floor, while high-gloss paint on the wood panelling in the master bathroom adds a reflectivity to the walls which complements the shine of the brass pipe work.

Best interior design 2018 listed bathroom


Best Basement: Harbord Street 


Best interior design 2018 Fulham cinema

When designing Harbord Street’s vast basement, our objective was to create a space that felt open but not overwhelming. By using a variety of materials and some smart technology, we could make areas feel distinct from one another without physically separating them.

On one side of the basement is an activity space decorated with glass, white paint and spotlights to maximise light and openness, while on the other side is a cosy cinema with textured wallpaper, soft furniture and wood panelling.

When it’s movie time, an automated blue velvet curtain divides the spaces, which you can see hidden behind the wall in the photo below.

Best interior design 2018 Fulham basement


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