Why 2020 is the Best Year to Create Your Dream Home

This is Architect John Dyer Grimes and I hope that you are as excited about 2020 as I am.

From the reaction of our clients and everything I am seeing in my industry, I think we are safe in making the following prediction about 2020:

2020 is going to be the best time ever to create your dream home.

As you consider your next building or refurbishment project, here are three important points for you to consider:

1. The Election Result Makes This A Great Time To Create Your Dream Home

Don’t worry - I’m not going to get into politics!

However, whatever your view on the election result, one thing is clear:

It has fundamentally changed the environment for the building industry and those looking to embark on a building project.

For several years we’ve all endured terrible uncertainty. Everyone has been hesitant to make any kind of decision, especially one as important as embarking on building a new home or major refurbishment.

Now that uncertainty is gone. We finally have clarity on Brexit. Plans for the future of the country are solidifying and things are looking a lot more predictable. As people start to feel more certain about the future, decisions are being made. The floodgates on new building projects are opening.

The only downside to this is that it is going to be increasingly difficult to secure the best architects, builders and contractors. The best are being snapped up - particularly by High Net Worth individuals who are willing to invest in getting the best.

So the time to take the next step in your building project is most definitely now.

2. Now Is The Best Time To Secure The Best Price For Your Building Project

The rush of new building projects triggered by the election result and the new year will soon start to drive up costs.

For anyone embarking on a building project, the last three years has been a ‘buyers market.’ Home owners and home builders could demand great prices from the building industry because the ‘Brexit hesitation’ meant that demand ground to a halt.

That’s now over.

Prices are going to soar.

So getting your project underway now could well save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of Pounds.

3. The ‘Planning Permission Problem’ Means That The Most Important Decision You Make For Your Building Project is Your Choice of Architect

After helping our clients for over two decades, I can tell you that the biggest barrier to securing your Dream Home is rarely the building project.

It’s nearly always planning permission.

And as I often tell my wealthier clients, money can buy and build you anything….

Except Planning Permission!

The only way you secure planning is with expertise from the best advisors.

For example, while my team and I serve clients across London and the South East, we are based in the Borough of Richmond, where I grew up.

Richmond is notorious for its tough planning regulations. Securing planning in Richmond can feel like a series of minefields to navigate through.

I am very proud that in this tough environment, we have a 99% success rate securing planning permission in the Borough of Richmond and have had planning approved for a total of 135 projects in recent years. We have a similar track record of success across the London boroughs and Surrey.

So the ‘Planning Permission problem’ is why your choice of Architect is the most important decision you will make on your building project.

Get it wrong by picking someone without the proven track record of planning success can mean your project is doomed from the start.

Your Next Step - Let’s Talk


I am writing this letter to you personally because if you are planning a major building project for 2020, I would be delighted to speak to you to get an understanding of what you want to achieve and answer any of your questions.

My team at Dyer Grimes Architects are the Architects of choice for many of the UKs most successful individuals creating the homes of their dreams. We’ve spent almost 25 years turning dream homes into reality, offering a personalised service from first click to final brick.

Our services include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Planning Consultancy and Development
  • Sourcing and managing suppliers across London and Surrey
  • Construction project management
  • Interior Design.

Year-on-year our expertise has been recognised through numerous awards, most recently including Best Boutique Architectural Practice London at the Build 2019 Home and Garden Awards and Most Outstanding Residential Architectural Boutique London at the 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards from CV Magazine.

So let’s speak.

Please call my office on 020 3918 2732

Or email me directly on my personal email at

The last few years have been a political and economic nightmare. We’ve been through enough and 2020 heralds a fresh start. You deserve better, you deserve to begin a new decade with your dream home.

I look forward to speaking to you to help create the dream home that you deserve

Best wishes,


John Dyer Grimes,
Managing Director, Dyer Grimes Architecture