New Commission: Two Contemporary Country Villas on the Thames

Friday, August 31, 2018

Buckinghamshire new build on Thames

At DGA, we have the privilege of building homes in some of the country’s most exclusive locations, but nothing beats a site that sits directly on the River Thames.

Our proposal replaces two houses of little architectural merit with two highly contemporary Buckinghamshire homes. They have been designed as stark white modernist villas with fully glazed walls, providing amazing views which make the most of the beautifully landscaped riverside site.

Like our award-winning White Lodge – which served as a source of inspiration for our clients – the second floors project outwards with a cantilevered front and rear, providing shelter for the spaces below and a bold, gravity-defying silhouette.

A modern interpretation of the country house

Buckinghamshire new build

Despite their unashamedly contemporary character, low profiles, timber cladding and grass roofs combine to create houses which complement the surrounding Green Belt and conservation area. Trees border the site on both sides, shielding it from neighbouring properties.

The proposal includes a main house of 7,000 sqft and a smaller lodge of 3000 sqft. In addition, the accommodation includes a swimming pool, tennis court and river jetty. An incorporated garage hides five cars from view, ensuring that nothing can detract from the idyllic green space provided by the ample riverside grounds.

Our design is looking to set a new benchmark for sustainability standards with the Windsor and Maidenhead Planning Department, using air source heat pumps, solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

We are still in the design and planning phase of this exciting new project, and hope that we will be able to share more in the future. If you want to see more of our latest project news, please click here to explore our blog.