Under Construction: Opening Up Ginnels House in Petersham

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Demolition works started at Ginnels House this week, starting our process of renovating and extending this grand, detached house with a vast and verdant garden in Petersham.

Digger demolishes extension on Ginnels House, Petersham

Above, a digger clears away the old side extension and conservatory, making way for us to create a new open plan kitchen and living space opening up onto the garden.

This is my favourite part of the building process. Demolition creates surreal scenes where the outside walls of a house are peeled away to reveal their insides, like opening up a giant doll’s house.

Then there’s all the heavy machinery on site, life-size boys toys that never fail bring out the inner child in me as they effortlessly tear apart buildings that are usually so strong and solid.

Michael and Galower Build on site in Ginnels House, Petersham

Back inside, Michael joins Mick Power from Galower Build, our preferred contractors who have built many of our most spectacular projects. Here, they’re reviewing joinery designs and samples.

To read more about Galower Build, click here to read a guest blog from Kevin Gale, who co-founded the company with Mick Power in 1978.

We look forward to sharing more exciting images from Ginnels House as the project progresses.