Four Homes That Received Planning Permission in 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

We Redefined What’s Meant by “Country Estate”

At over 8000 sq ft, this country estate in Essex is one of our largest ever designs. Planning approval was a real battle: not only did our new proposal dwarf the existing structure that’s going to be demolished, it’s located in the Green Belt, where planning standards are so demanding that they’re simply impossible for most architects. Luckily for our client, the council approved what will become one of the most breath-taking buildings in the local landscape.

We Designed a State of the Art Country House – All We Need is a Client

This one’s cheating a bit: we actually received planning permission for this proposal in 2015 but it recently came back into the spotlight when the owners of the plot decided to sell it, with the planning permission attached. This presents a unique opportunity for someone with a taste for cutting edge contemporary homes to buy a house so new it hasn’t been built yet. Click here to see the Mail Online’s story on The Pavilion.

We’re Building a Home a Decade After We Designed It

We first worked with these clients ten years ago, but when they had to move to Singapore we put our designs in the archive where we assumed they would remain. Out of the blue, they moved back to London last year and wanted to pick up where we left off, so we dusted off the old designs and got back to work. Our plans for a complete demolition and rebuild were approved and after ten years this long-forgotten home will finally come to life.

We’re Going to Build a House in a Garden

One of 2016’s most unusual designs was for a brand new, highly contemporary home to be built in the back garden of the period house where our clients currently live. When it’s complete, they’ll move into the new house and sell the old one. You rarely hear of such developments because they are incredibly difficult to get approved as planning departments don’t want to increase building density, especially in London. But we got a green light, and we can’t wait to tell you more.