Best of 2019: Our Most Ambitious Future Projects

Monday, December 16, 2019

2019 was one of our best years yet, with an exciting portfolio of dream homes across a diverse range of locations and sites. Listed buildings, especially, were a focus of the year, a trend which continues into next.

Below you will find four rare glimpses into the potential future of our portfolio, with two of the projects being Grade II listed buildings, while the other two are ultra-contemporary and ultra-modern respectively. It looks as if diversity will continue to be our strength.

These projects are still in their earliest stages, where dramatic change comes as easy as a line across a piece of paper. By the time they come to life, they may look entirely different to what you see below, which is the joy of the creative process.

Ultra-Contemporary New Family Home in Teddington

In London’s suburbs, space is a premium. Even if you have plenty of square feet to work with, concerns with overshadowing, party walls and disrupting the character of the area can chop away at your options until there’s little left.

By filling this site in Teddington edge to edge and excavating the garden into a tiered terrace, our design maximises every inch of space available while minimising the impact on neighbours and the street scene. It’s proof that clever use of space is more important than square footage.

16th Century Listed Farmhouse Extended in Style

There are two approaches to extending a listed building. One is to try and replicate the existing structure as close as possible, the other is to create a new structure that clearly reads as an entirely new part of the house.

For this Grade II listed farmhouse in Hertfordshire, we chose the latter. Connected by an elegant glass bridge, the new structure won’t impede at all on the original structure, allowing both to shine in the bold contrast between the two.

20,000 sqft Modernist Mansion in a Moscow Forest

It’s rare to have the opportunity to submit designs for clients who are abroad, even more rare to win a competition to create a 20,000 sqft modernist mansion in the outskirts of Russia.

While we will obviously not be around to manage the construction, our design will provide a truly one of a kind future home for a client for whom money and space are no object.

Contemporary Extension Transforms Listed Chiswick House

This listed Chiswick house has been modified and extended countless times since it was first built in 1828. Some were tasteful additions that are now as valuable as the original structure, others are strong candidates for replacement.

We hope to add our own chapter in the long history of this beautiful home with a two storey extension which will clearly be of this time, with a lightweight design that serves to frame the original architecture.

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