How Our New Feasibility Study Saves You from Heartbreak

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The hardest part of my job is telling someone their dream home isn’t possible.

It’s a conversation that happens far more than you may think. After all, we only show our portfolio of successful projects, you don’t hear about the people we have to turn away, either because they’ve underestimated the build costs or they weren’t aware of the planning constraints.

Worst of all is when it’s too late for the people sitting opposite me. If they bought their property under the presumption that they could later modify it to be their ideal home, hearing that they’re stuck with the house as it is can be devastating.

I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s become clear there’s a gap in the reliable information for homeowners and people looking to buy. Like every other industry, gaps in information are quickly exploited by unscrupulous predators trying to profit from ignorance.

That’s why I’ve personally pushed for DGA to launch the Feasibility Study, a brand new service that puts the full force of our practice behind you to give you a complete, no bullshit assessment of your plans, your property and the costs of what you want to achieve – before you make any investments or sign any contracts.

Instead of shopping around for quotes and advice from people who will sugar-coat the facts to convert you into a client, you can purchase a Feasibility Study for £4,995 + VAT. This lets us dedicate our time and resources to you with no ulterior motives. Remember, there’s no such thing as free, including all the “helpful” advice given by estate agents, builders and architects.

Soon we’ll be rolling out an official launch for the Feasibility Study that will break down exactly what’s included. For now, I’m going to give two typical clients we see and what the Feasibility Study would do for them.

The Young Couple

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting and anxiety-inducing events in your life, especially if you have a baby on the way as a deadline. It’s your first chance to have a space that is entirely yours and whatever you buy is probably just a shell to turn into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

But once you’ve moved in, you might discover what was apparently just going to be a fresh coat of paint and a bit of DIY becomes a colossal and expensive undertaking. The roof leaks, the floors need to be stripped out and the plumbing and electrical services are shot.

With a Feasibility Study, we can assess a property before you buy it. We’ll tell you what work needs to be done to bring it up to your standards, how much it will cost and whether the local authority will approve any more ambitious plans you may have in the future. Then you can make your decision with solid facts instead of an estate agent’s vague promises.

The Retired Couple

You’ve sold the business, the kids have moved out and you’re enjoying some well earned time for yourself. What you need from a home has changed, you have more time for leisure and entertaining without worrying about children charging about. Perhaps you’ll renovate and extend your house, or decide to sub divide it, or just obtain planning permission for new proposals, so if you decide to sell you make the financial gain not a developer.

Your friends did the same and it all sounds perfectly affordable. You get in touch with some architects, draw up plans and naturally become overwhelmed with excitement. But then it goes wrong. Perhaps after months of time and money spent on the planning process, the council rejects your ideas. Or maybe they approve it, and during the tender process you discover prices far higher than you can afford.

The problem is you were basing your plans off outdated information. Build costs are rising and planning departments are becoming stricter. Your money needs to go further than your friends’ did and your designs need to be smarter. You need to know not just about the obstacles now, but in the future when you’ll actually start building.

Instead of getting carried away with second hand information and impossible plans, the Feasibility Study offers guidance from a practice that has completed projects of all scales across London’s strictest boroughs and beyond. We know how planning departments think and have access to the most reliable market forecasts, so you’ll know exactly what you can get away with and what it will cost you.

Whether you or not either of the above sound familiar, if you’re considering a self build then our Feasibility Study will protect you from putting your heart and soul into a dream that will never become a reality. Call us today on 020 8108 3612 to find out more.

John Dyer-Grimes