Entertaining Clients at the Hurlingham Club Aspall Tennis Classic

Monday, July 1, 2019

Jemima and I recently invited the DGA team and some clients to the Aspall Tennis Classic event, where we had to pleasure of watching the likes of Raphael Nadal warm up for Wimbledon.

Luckily, warming up wasn’t an issue for us either, as the weather was glorious, putting everyone in high spirits. Here are some photos from the day.

Dyer Grimes Architecture Hurlingham Club
Everyone thankful that it was a day for sunglasses and sunhats rather than umbrellas.
Dyer Grimes Architecture at Aspall Tennis Classic
No one could resist the opportunity to pose in front of the giant Aspall letters.
Aspall Tennis Classic at the Hurlingham Club
Few tennis events allow the crowd to get as close to the action.
DGA team at Aspall Tennis Classic
Wine, champagne, sunscreen and good company are all signs of a fantastic day.
The clubhouse of the Hurlingham Club, of which Jemima and I are members, boasts grand Georgian architecture which looks truly glorious under the summer sun.
John Dyer Grimes at the Hurlingham Club
I briefly gave up being an architect to become a tennis champion. How was my form?

John Dyer-Grimes