Jemima’s Favourite Gardens from the Chelsea Flower Show

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Chelsea Flower show is a must-see event for anyone interested in garden design. I’m always one of the first to grab a ticket, and this year was no exception. Here are my three favourite gardens from the 2018 show.

Jemima Dyer-Grimes

LG Eco-City Garden by Hay-Joung Hwang

“LG Eco-City Garden represents the green space allocated to one housing unit in a ‘vertical forest’ of residential apartments. It integrates our increased dependency on technology with a requirement to be mindful of the environmental issues posed by contemporary lifestyles, as well as to reduce pollution specifically in areas of high population density.”

Skin Deep by Robert Barker

“Concrete blocks have been used to represent people with varying skin conditions that we all encounter. Our outer skin layer reflects our life story and reveals to the world our joys, stresses and worries in the form of everything from birthmarks to wrinkles. It is a window into our genetic past. This concept is echoed in the garden’s textural planting scheme.”

The Pearlfisher Garden by Karen Welman and John Warland

“Designed to celebrate the beauty of the vast underwater garden of our great oceans, this garden consists of a series of aquatic tanks, hosting ocean plants, coral and fish that surround the central feature of a three-dimensional pearl diver.”

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Images and text © The Royal Horticultural Society 2018