Explore Our Collaboration with Award Winning Garden Designer Stuart Craine

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

As part of our restoration of their listed Georgian townhouse, our client wanted to clear their dark and overgrown garden to create a bright and spacious social space to enjoy long summer evenings with family and friends.

While our work on the house itself was focused on sympathetic restoration rather than bold reinvention, in the garden, we had far more freedom. Through a collaboration with celebrated garden designer Stuart Craine, we brought our client’s vision to life.

By clearing the centre of vegetation, utilising glass balustrades and splitting the garden across multiple tiers we ensured that there is an uninterrupted view from one end of the garden to the other, no matter where you stand.
Here we take a closer look at the contemporary rill, which channels water over black, textured stone to create beautiful ripples. Behind, an elevated terrace provides the perfect space to enjoy the sound of running water.
The view from the first floor of the house demonstrate how effectively we maximised the space without sacrificing on plenty of lush greenery. On the bottom right, stairs lead town to the garden’s most exciting hidden feature.
This heated hot tub fills the lightwell that provides light and air to the new basement floor. By installing the hot tub in the lightwell we not only give “wow factor” to an otherwise under-utilised space but also provide the client with privacy.
Finally, here are some photos from before our restoration, and it’s startling how much smaller the space appears. We’re sure you will agree that this remains one of our most dramatic garden transformations.

The relationship between indoor and outdoor space is key to a successful home restoration. If it’s time to create harmony between your home and garden, book a zoom consultation with john here to discuss next steps.