From Hole in the Ground to Luxury Pool – Wimbledon Villa Before and After

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We love a challenging brief, and few have ever forced us to think outside the box as much as the full length underground pool which is now hidden beneath the garden of Wimbledon Villa.

The photos below show the project’s journey from a 25 metre hole to London’s largest underground private pool.

To the left you can see the same section of the finished house, the pool now entirely covered by the garden. From the outside, you would never know the surprises this house has in store.
Here we stand beneath the steel roof of the pool which now sits beneath the garden. The void to the left of the photo lies beneath the house to form the stairwell and wine cellar, pictured below.
Here is the best view of the unsprayed wall of concrete piles, formed by pouring cement into 16 metre holes. We are then able to safely excavate within the wall formed by these concrete columns.
With the walls smoothed off and the roof in place, we could begin installing the equipment required to ventilate, drain and waterproof the immense 20 metre long underground pool
The completed basement boasts not just a pool but a fully-equipped gym, with plenty of natural light thanks to roof lights which double as sections of glass floor in the garden above.

Most architects would have told our clients that their dreams were impossible but, as you can see, we don’t let the fact that something hasn’t been done before hold us back.

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