Look into the Future of Home Building with Our Newest Projects

Monday, March 6, 2017

We’re only one quarter through 2017, and already this is one of our most exciting years yet at DGA. What stands out when I take a step back and look at our latest projects is the sheer variety. Below, you’ll find everything from bold new builds to delicate restorations and even an abandoned, half-built house that we’re recycling.

A Contemporary, Woodland Mansion in the Surrey Green Belt

Hidden away on a 3.5-acre woodland site featuring a tranquil pond and a private tennis court, this contemporary new-build home is one of our most ambitious projects yet. Within its 886 square metres will be five en-suite bedrooms, a gym, cinema room, dining room, games room, open plan kitchen and living space and a three-car garage. With its rooftop solar panels and glass walls, it’s a true 21st century mansion.

An Abandoned Shell in Wimbledon Transformed into a Striking Family Home

This unusual project in Wimbledon is not quite a new build and not quite a renovation. The current structure on this site is a half-built contemporary house that was abandoned in 2008 when the prior owners ran out of funds, leaving a basic structure that’s complete but lacking any finish.

But all that work won’t go to waste. We’ve worked with the new owners of the site to realise the hidden potential of this structure, reconfiguring the floor plans and entirely changing the façade to breathe new life into this long-forgotten house.

A Respectful Renovation of a Building of Townscape Merit in Twickenham

This beautiful Victorian Building of Townscape Merit was once split into six apartments, and though it has since been remodelled into one dwelling, it doesn’t yet feel entirely united. To solve this problem, we’re going to reconfigure each floor so that they feel more distinct from one another, with an open plan kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and a new master suite above.

Like in Emperor’s Gate, a staircase will be key to making this home feel whole. A contemporary staircase will link every floor through a purpose built, light-filled stairwell with views over the generous garden and brand-new, glass-walled swimming pool.

An Artistic Reimagining of a Maida Vale Family Home

With planning permission for structural works granted – including a matching rear extension and loft conversion – we can now confidently use the new space as a canvas to completely reimagine this family home in the heart of the Maida Vale Conservation Area.

Above is a sketch by Eva Leone, our Head of Interior Design. In this stage, ideas fly fast back and forth between Eva and the client, as shapes, colours and textures begin to fill in the ripe potential of blank walls and floors. This is where the real fun starts, and I can’t wait to show you what will emerge from this fluid creative process.