Best of 2018: Four Designs for Brand New Homes Which Will Come to Life Next Year

Saturday, December 1, 2018

We’re very proud of our portfolio of renovations and extensions, but few projects are more exciting for architects than designing a brand new home. Starting with a blank page, we coax designs from our client’s imagination, our practical experience and the constraints of the site (and physics).

Here are four projects still on the drawing board which will – knock on wood – begin their long journey from dream to reality next year.


Two Modernist Villas on the Banks of the Thames


Buckinghamshire new build on Thames

Along the Buckinghamshire stretch of the Thames, we have the unique opportunity of designing not one but two ultra-contemporary villas on the bank of the river.

Like White Lodge and the also-Thames-side Strawberry Vale, a cantilevered structure will project the upper level outwards, creating an impossible-looking floating floor.

Buckinghamshire new build


6,000 sqft New House in Cobham with an Indoor Pool


New build with pool and basement in Cobham, Surrey

Hidden behind a traditional Victorian façade, this unassuming new home in Surrey will feature an indoor swimming pool and stunning double-height spaces between the ground floor and full plan basement.

From the street, it will look like any other house in Cobham, but inside will be a home with a “wow” factor that we’re very excited to experience in person when it’s completed.

New build traditional home in Cobham, Surrey


A 21st Century Georgian Mansion in Wimbledon Village


Wimbledon Village new build rear

Few buildings inspire thoughts of luxury and opulence more than a Georgian mansion, and now we have the opportunity to create one from scratch in the heart of Wimbledon Village.

Like our similarly Georgian-inspired St. John’s Wood Mansion, the 18th century aesthetic will be combined with a contemporary, high spec interior for a home which celebrates the best of architecture old and new.

Wimbledon Village new build


10,000 sqft Arts and Crafts House on Empty Chislehurst Plot


3D concept of new build in Chislehurst

Unlike the three homes above, this home won’t require us to carry out any demolitions beforehand, as we have the rare privilege of building a house where none have stood before.

Like the neighbouring property, from which this plot was split, the house will be built with an Arts and Crafts style, with the benefit of being at a far higher final value than what our clients would have been able to afford had they bought an existing home.

Is your dream home giving you sleepless nights? Book a meeting with us at [email protected] and we can help you turn it into a reality.