Highgate House

Highgate House front elevation

Highgate House

After a hugely successful career, our client wanted to take a more hands-off role in the business he watched grow from his bedroom into a global company. It was time to settle down with his family in the home he had worked his whole life for.

His Victorian semi-detached Highgate house already provided plenty of space over two generously sized floors but the property was starting to show its age. Though there were plenty of square metres, they weren’t well utilised.

What the house did have was potential, which our client wanted to make the most of by extending, refurbishing and reconfiguring it into the home of his dreams.

Because the property was unlisted and our client wanted to preserve its period appearance, we faced relatively few planning constraints. This meant we could fill in the void in the L-shaped layout of the house with an extension that matched the original materials.

This extension would create the floorspace for an additional room above as well, though the client actually wanted to reduce the amount of overall bedrooms and replace them with fewer but more spacious and well equipped rooms.

His requests weren’t limited to the structure, either. He also hired us for a complete interior design package and garden landscaping so all elements of the home could be unified with a cohesive character unique to the tastes the client and his family.

Because we were in control of every aspect of the design, from structure to furniture and wall colour, we were able to ensure complete harmony across all elements, adjusting door width and layouts to bring out the best of every corner.
The large dining hall at the rear of the property was made even grander, both length and width extended with enough room for a kitchen, dining and sitting room in one, vast light-filled space with vaulted ceilings and expansive black Crittal doors.

This striking hall opens out onto a new terrace laid with historic York stone salvaged from a cathedral, with steps leading up to their lush, tree-lined lawn. Fine granite slabs line the new driveway which extends across the entire front facing side of the house.

Inside, the new extension makes room for a new library with its own side bay matching the front, set alongside a room dedicated to meditation and yoga. Once weathered, the matching materials will make the extension look as if it was always there and restoration of period features within have preserved the best of its original character.

The first floor has been entirely reconfigured under contemporary design principles. Instead of using the extra space to add another bedroom, the house has gone from five bedrooms to four, with enough space left over for two bathrooms and an en-suite for the master bedroom.

Our client's home doesn't just look better, it performs better as well. New insulation, double-glazed sash windows and a refresh of all thermal elements have significantly reduced its running costs despite the larger floor space.

From top to bottom, our client's property has become a stylish, spacious and modern home, perfect for them to enjoy years of well deserved relaxation with their family.