Inverness Terrace

Inverness terrace contemporary new build by Duyecture

Inverness Terrace

Our client wants to transform his tired neo classical house into a contemporary home for his family.

The new bespoke London residence is to be a beacon of modern design for luxury living, to include a penthouse suite and roof garden overlooking Hyde Park.

An entertainment complex including pool, spa, cinema and gym will provide a haven for relaxation.

To create this unique residence we propose to demolish the existing building and replace it with a bold design totalling 10,000 sq ft, including a double basement running the length and breadth of the house.

The existing house, although in a Conservation Area, is not listed and occupies a corner plot which lies next to a beautiful listed terrace on one side and Hyde Park to the other.

The current property is dark and gloomy largely because it is overshadowed by adjoining properties. A daylight study is therefore essential to the overall design process.

The site is on a busy street so privacy and noise management are paramount.

Furthermore, the new build will need to meet high sustainability targets in accordance with Westminster Council planning requirements.

Dyer Grimes Architects have created a building which from the outside is compact but beautiful and striking from every aspect of its corner plot.

An in-depth daylight and sunlight feasibility study has allowed us to maximise the light within the building to create a luminous space worthy of the works of art which will adorn its walls.

The house is clad in Portland Stone and Bronze metal work to create a unique façade which reflects the natural day light with stunning effect.

We have achieved a high degree of privacy by cleverly ‘stepping’ the front of the house to allow for a private courtyard and a discreet entrance set back from the edge of the busy road. From the courtyard the entrance leads to a dramatic foyer with a sculptural curved four storey stair at its heart.

Rear elevation of Inverness Terrace modern new build house by Dyer Grimes Architecture
Inverness terrace rear elevation from garden
Inverness terrace modern new build rear elevation at night