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With thirty years of design and renovation expertise and over six hundred homes to date, we combine the latest technology and scientific methods with our Architectural, Artistic, and Historic knowledge to transform Richmond properties into exceptional, healthy and practical family homes

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"John was responsible for overturning near impossible planning odds to get our plan approved, without any changes to the original design or conditions imposed – all in less than four months from the date we completed."

“John Dyer Grimes stood head and shoulders above the rest and was the obvious choice given his reputation for winning difficult planning approvals. He worked closely with us to come up with a daring and innovative scheme and turned around the plans and surveys required very quickly and to exceptional quality.” 

“The reason we decided to move forward with John was his ability to listen and provide insight. He took the time to ask questions and challenged us to really think about what we wanted.”

"John has an approach that I believe people will find very rare and refreshing these days. He was extremely accommodating and friendly throughout the entire process. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about both the architectural and contractual aspects of the business, but he also seems to have a great natural sense for what the client is looking to do."

"John’s expertise, flexibility and empathy led us to the beautiful home we have today – our collaboration was invaluable and we would highly recommend Dyer Grimes Architects to anyone who is after a home that is unique to them as individuals."


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