New Commission: Detached Victorian Home in St. Matthias Conservation Area

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Renovation in St. Matthias Conservation Area, Richmond

Our latest period project aims to refine an already gorgeous family home in Richmond.

The property is a three storey detached Victorian house with matching front and rear façades in a clean, uniform yellow brick typical of the St. Matthias Conservation Area.

A 30m long landscaped garden is the main selling feature of the house, and our structural works are dedicated to making the most of this generous green space.

Extension in St. Matthias Conservation Area, Richmond

We plan to construct a slim lower ground rear extension with large windows and French doors, along with a glazed verandah roof.

The abundance of glass will make the extension appear lightweight and elegant rather than big and bulky, while matching brickwork will complement the existing structure.

Above this new extension will be a bay window similar to the neighbouring property, visible on the left in the photo above, and directly opposite the front bay window to create an uninterrupted view from street to garden.

This new bay window will overlook the garden from the kitchen, which will be fully refurbished, along with the rest of the house.

New bay window in St. Matthias Conservation Area, Richmond

We are currently preparing our planning application, and hope to share news of our success soon. In the mean time, please click here to browse our latest planning approvals.