New Commission to Convert Three Richmond Flats into Grand Seven Bedroom House

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Flat conversion in Richmond

Our latest project is a commission to convert a grand, detached Victorian house in Richmond which had been subdivided into three flats back into a single family home.

As this property is in the heart of the St. Matthias Conservation Area, special care will be paid to restore the glory of its beautiful Victorian details.

This property enjoys a prime location on one of Richmond’s most desirable roads, with generous off-street parking space which – as anyone living in Richmond knows – is a true luxury.

Once restored, the clients will enjoy seven bedrooms spread over four floors, with potential to extend into the basement.

We look forward to sharing more news on this project as it progresses. If you are considering your own project in Richmond, click here to read our blog on Richmond’s planning process.

Renovation on Marlborough Road, Richmond