Stunning New Garden Renders for our St. Albans Neo-Georgian Mansion

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The design process for our Neo-Georgian mansion in St. Albans celebrated an exciting milestone today as we received new renders for the garden, designed by the much-celebrated Emma Griffin.

These images demonstrate the power of photorealistic renders during the design process, as both clients and designers alike are able to see the finished design before a single brick has been laid.

One of the main challenges of the design process is helping our clients visualise what their future home will look like. Renders such as these reassure the client and allow them to refine the design with a clear view of the consequences.

We’ve certainly come a long way from the simple wireframes which were so impressive when I first utilised 3D design software!

This contemporary veranda will allow our clients to enjoy their garden in all weathers.
Accurate sun position and time controls allow us to demonstrate how designs will look at different times of day.
This fire pit will be the perfect place to enjoy warm summer nights.
“Inside out” design is key to any project with a garden, where we must consider the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
With a vast catalogue of tree and plant models to choose from, clients and designers are able to easily experiment with different species.
This bird’s eye view shows the mix of hard and soft landscaping and how the architecture itself meld with the garden.
By collaborating with Emma Griffin from the start, we are able to closely integrate architecture and garden design.
This top-down view shows off the sheer scale of this project, with a garden even larger than the already impressive footprint of the house itself

To learn more about Emma Griffin’s approach to garden design, click here to read her blog.