Knocking Down Walls, Floors and Ceilings in a Richmond BoTM

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Major structural works have begun for our renovation and extension of a Building of Townscape Merit in Richmond. Walls, ceilings and floors are disappearing as we start to remake this beautiful home for the 21st century.

On the right side of the roof you can see the new double dormer beginning to take shape, while preparations begin on the ground for the new rear extension and basement – which has allowed us to finally remove the unsightly, tacked on conservatory.

Richmond renovation and extension Montague Road

The house before we started work. Across the entire ground level will be a new, contemporary extension incorporating matching materials to complement the main structure.

The current view from the front door out to the garden, with timbers lined up to be taken upstairs. This view is remarkably similar to John’s house during construction, which you can see much more of by clicking here.

A mini digger begins excavation of the new basement extension, which will be dedicated to rest and relaxation, with a cinema room, games room and sauna.

The first and second floor bedrooms have been temporarily united in this impressive double-height space. It’s almost a shame it can’t stay this way, but soon we will install a new floor to complete the structure of the loft conversion.

We removed the chimney breast to provide more space for the master bedroom, creating the opening on the right of the photo, with steel beams added to support the stack above.

One of the contractors from Galowers holds up the entire second floor himself in what will become the laundry room. He has been standing there for weeks now, and we wish him the best.

A brand new timber structure for the loft conversion to strengthen the roof and maximise space. This will eventually be covered up, so this is a precious glimpse at the inner structure of the house – beautiful in its own right.

Here we stand beside the new double dormer which we first saw out in the garden. This once dark attic is now flooded with light, making is just as liveable as any other floor of the house.

When complete, this bedroom will provide lovely views out into the rear gardens, where a row of mature trees provides greenery and privacy.

We hope you enjoyed this look around one of our ongoing projects. If this tour has inspired you to reimagine your own home, get in touch with us now at [email protected]