Under Construction: Our Twickenham Building of Townscape Merit is Missing a Wall

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Our renovation and extension of a Building of Townscape Merit is Twickenham is underway, and is in the middle of a dramatic transformation.

Twickenham Building of Townscape Merit renovation and extension

From the street, everything looks fairly normal. As it should, seeing as we weren’t permitted to modify the front elevation of this grand detached house with its towering finials and ornate period plasterwork.

But step inside, and you notice something is missing…

Building of Townscape Merit renovation

The once dark entrance hall is now flooded with light. It can’t be from the chandelier – that’s wrapped in plastic.

Building of Townscape Merit rear extension

Oh no, we appear to have lost a wall! But don’t panic, this is all according to plan. Where once was a wall, we’re building an extension with floor-to-ceiling glazing overlooking the garden – which will be a beautiful view when it’s no longer a building site.

Even though view is currently framed by scaffolding rather than windows, you can already get a sense of how much this new opening will transform the interior by filling it with sunlight.

Building of Townscape Merit basement extension

Underneath, the team from Galowers is hard at work reconfiguring the lower ground floor, which will also enjoy sliding glass doors for better access to the garden and a more bright and comfortable space.

Building of Townscape Merit building works

Compare this photo of the rear of the house with the render below to see how the currently missing walls will be filled in. And yes, that’s a swimming pool on the right – more on that another time.