Our Latest Wentworth Estate Project is a New Cottage on Beautiful Grounds

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The main house with a glimpse at its beautiful gardens. Our proposed cottage will sit to the right, just out of frame.

Our standing as a favourite architect for residents of the Wentworth Estate has resulted in a new commission to build a separate cottage and guest house for our clients to better accommodate their family.

Like all properties on the Wentworth Estate, the main house is surrounded by acres of beautiful grounds, providing opportunities for additional buildings without intruding on the open space.

The Wentworth Estate sits in the Surrey green belt, so there are strict sustainability and volume targets which we have to design within, and we must also gain the approval of the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee.

However, as the new cottage will be replacing an existing cottage on the site (which is not financially viable to renovate) we do not anticipate a difficult planning battle, especially as there is a strong precedent for new developments in the Wentworth Estate.

Above is the current cottage which will have to be demolished. We are discussing design options with the client to find the most suitable replacement.

If you live on the Wentworth Estate or are considering moving there, click here to read my guide on how to get planning permission in this exclusive location.