New Commission: Six Bedroom, 7300 sqft Neo-Georgian Mansion on the Wentworth Estate

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New build Neo-Georgian mansion on the Wentworth Estate

Our latest project is a proposed new development on the Wentworth Estate, a luxury private estate in Surrey which is home to many of the country’s most expensive homes.

The existing house possessed no significant historic or architectural value, giving us an opportunity to present the Wentworth Estate with a home more fitting, with the exceptionally high quality of architecture found elsewhere on the estate.

Our proposal is for a neo-Georgian style mansion with 6 bedrooms and a total floor area of 684 sqm (7362 sqft), ideal for our client’s growing family and regular guests. An extended ground floor provides a generous increase in floor area while remaining consistent with the scale of the existing home.

The aesthetic is similar to nearby properties with red brick across the façade and stone detailing around the windows. The rear is more contemporary, with end-to-end glass sliding doors allowing for greater access to the surrounding grounds.

A new home allows us to make substantial improvements to energy efficiency and sustainability compared to the original structure on the site, allowing it to last for generations.

Privacy will be provided by mature trees surrounding the site, which we will be careful to preserve during building works.

New development on the Wentworth Estate

A little bit about the Wentworth Estate…

It’s worth taking time to talk about the Wentworth Estate, as it’s truly a privilege to be able to work in what is one of the finest areas to live in the country.

Founded in the 1920s, with most housebuilding occurring between the 30s and 60s, the Wentworth Estate is a celebration of the country house in all its styles. Neo-Georgian, Arts and Crafts, colonial and modern mansions share 1750 acres of beautiful rolling Surrey countryside near the village of Virginia Waters.

If you’re a golf fan, you might be familiar with the Wentworth Estate for the Wentworth Club, where the first Ryder Cup was held, as well hosting the annual PGA Championships. Ex-world champion Ernie Els lives next door on the Estate, and he’s made his own modifications to the course.

Thankfully for us, development has continued on the estate, and ambitious architects and clients are still able to add to the Wentworth Estate’s legacy of world-class luxury homes, as long as they work on an existing plot.

However, the estate is also, understandably, fiercely protected by the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee, with whom prospective developers must seek planning permission in addition to permission from Runnymede Borough Council.

To learn more about the Wentworth Estate’s unique planning process, click here to read my blog on the subject.

John Dyer-Grimes