New Commission: New Build Neo-Georgian Mansion in Wimbledon Village

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wimbledon Village new build

Wimbledon Village is characterised by large, detached houses with distinct architectural styles. On a single street you can find stunning examples of Georgian, Victorian, Gothic, Classical, Arts & Crafts houses and more. It’s an area not known for its uniformity in architecture but its quality.

Our clients want to honour this precedent with a new build that resembles a Georgian country house. The facade is stoic, stone-clad and symmetrical, featuring large sash windows, a trio of cornices on the roof and a columned portico over the entrance.

The rear, however, will be pure contemporary. Floor to ceiling glass and a flush patio creates a seamless transition between interior and exterior, maximising the impact of a newly landscaped garden.

Walk down the steps of the patio and you enter the basement pool, featuring a retractable ceiling to open you up to the elements – when the weather allows for it.

Inside will be a mix of open plan living spaces and smaller, distinct rooms with more defined purposes, including a formal dining room, library and cinema.

On the floors above are six bedrooms, including a master bedroom with walk-in dressing room. In the basement, two self-contained flats in the basement provide long term accommodation for family and house keeping.

Next step: planning

Of course, achieving all of this requires demolition of the existing house. As always, demolition in a conservation area is a contentious issue, but we believe the quality and ambition of the new build will win out over preserving the current house, which doesn’t live up to Wimbledon Village’s reputation for architectural excellence.

This project is still in pre-planning, but we hope to share more details with you in the future as it progresses. It was developed using our Feasibility Study, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Wimbledon Village new build rear