2019’s Best Homes: Four Brand New Homes Fulfilling Client Dreams

Monday, December 16, 2019

Sometimes, no matter how many months or even years you spend searching, you come to the realisation that your dream home simply doesn’t exist.

You’re then faced with two options: you can compromise and make the best of a house that can’t quite accommodate your aspirations or you can do as these clients did and design a brand new home from scratch.

Creating a new home requires bravery, vision and a team that can take you all the way. Below are four new homes that demonstrate what can be achieved when you have the luxury of a blank slate.

Georgian Exterior Hides 21st Century Interior in St. Albans

Our clients wanted the best of both worlds for their new St. Alban’s home: the grandeur and refined proportions of a Georgian mansion and the practicality and versatility of current home design.

From the outside, it will be almost impossible to tell that this 7,300 sqft house isn’t an original piece of Georgian architecture, while the interior and garden will have a clean, contemporary design and aesthetic.

Click here to see more beautiful renders of the finished design or here to see photos from the construction site.

Modernist Inspired Villa on the Banks of the Thames

Many of the new homes that we design are either period recreations or ultra-contemporary, so it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to draw from my personal favourite period of architecture: the modernist era.

This design draws inspiration from greats of modernist architecture such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius with its large, bright windows, strong, linear shapes and overhangs that break up the mass.

Indoor Pool with Panoramic Views Gives New Surrey Home the Wow Factor

Creating your own home from scratch gives you the opportunity to treat yourself to luxuries that are hard or impossible to find in existing properties. For the clients behind this new Surrey home, their treat is an indoor swimming pool with panoramic garden views.

Even with snow falling in the depths of winter, they will be able to enjoy their garden from the comfort of their heated pool. It’s a very Scandinavian way of making it through the colder months.

7,000 sqft Neo-Georgian Country House on the St. George’s Hill Estate

St. George's Hill new property

The St. George’s Estate boasts some of the highest average house prices in Europe. Though the estate has a strict planning process, they are very welcoming to new homes across a broad range of styles, especially if the new design improves upon what stood before.

Our proposal is based upon maximising usable space, providing our clients with far more home without increasing the footprint. The tiered design of the garden terrace means that every floor gets ample natural light, key to making basement levels feel as comfortable as the rooms above.

If you want to learn more about building on the St. George’s Estate, click here for my guide on how to get planning approval in this exclusive location.