John’s Advice: What Are the Ten Most Common Home Building Mistakes?

The top ten mistakes made by self builders

After a lifetime of building homes, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing hundreds of projects fulfil their owner’s wildest dreams. I’ve also witnessed people fall foul of mistakes which cause their dreams to crumble before them. Some are seemingly insignificant, some should be common sense – either way these are the ten common mistakes which…

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John’s Advice: It’s Finally Becoming Easier to Extend Your Home Upwards

Upward extensions London

Image courtesy of Architects’ Journal Since 2015, there’s been a push for roof extensions to gain permitted development status, as long as they do not exceed the height of an adjoining building. This would mean that eligible developments would not require planning permission if there are no neighbour objections. Developers and home owners would be…

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John’s Advice: I Want to Build an Extension – Where Do I Start?

Rear extension to Highgate house

There are many reasons you might want an extension. Perhaps your family’s grown, or you’ve transitioned to working from home, or you want to finally install that home gym you’ve always dreamed of. But before you let your imagination run wild, you need to ask yourself the following four questions so that you have a…

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