Further Celebration for the Award-Winning Emperor’s Gate

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last month we announced that Emperor’s Gate had come out on top of the Interior Design category at the British Homes Awards, one of the most prestigious national architecture awards. Now, recognition for this project is international.

Every year the Design Et Al awards celebrate the very finest in design from across the world, covering everything from enormous, luxury builds to single rooms and design features. It was on this international stage that Emperor’s Gate was declared the world’s second best residential build over £5 million.

First place went to the House in Belgravia from 1.61 London, and it was a pleasure to see work from our city grab both top spots. Their design combined contemporary spatial principles with palace-like opulence, complete with sculptures and golden hues.

It’s a category with a proud history for us. Last year, White Lodge was awarded first place and it’s an exciting possibility that one of the projects we’re working on today could be nominated next year.

I cherish these awards as an opportunity to reflect. With the journey from inception to completion taking upwards of three years for some projects, it’s rare the team gets the chance to look back and appreciate the experience as a whole. It’s a perspective that grounds us and reaffirms our purpose.

It’s even better when that experience is shared with fellow architects and designers from around the world. A black tie ceremony filled out the luxury Hurlingham Club in Fulham with over 1000 attendees, who got to enjoy a champagne dinner and rub shoulders with the best minds in our field.

What truly made the night was that the entire DGA team was able to attend. Our work may be local but ideas don’t have borders – ceremonies such as these are a chance for inspiration and passion to flow freely between us and our global peers. Most of all, they’re just fun.

As usual, I urge you to browse the award winners and shortlist. Whether you’re a consumer or a creator, these awards are a celebration of the exemplar design that decorates and defines the world around us.

By John Dyer-Grimes